Democratic Republic of Faylan
Faylanese Flag

Official Name

Democratic Republic of Faylan



Largest City


Official Language(s)


- Regional Languages

Spanish, Portugese, Japanese


Pacific Ocean





Government Type

Federal Oligarchic Democracy

Information Continued

- Current Leaders


Country Formed


LN Accession




Per Capita GDP ($)




Faylan is a small island country located in the Northern pacific. It is said, and true, that if you keep going west from Seattle, Washington, USA, that you will reach Faylan.


The first inhabitants of the island are widely believed to be descendants of the Pacific Northwest naitive Americans. However archeological remains show that they died off in the 1600s when a famine wiped them out. The island remained uninhabited untill in 1834 when a band of Chinese pirates, lost at sea, tumbled upon the island. From there, they set up a colony and created the country Faylan (or Fai lan in Chinese). Seeking freedom from the Chinese kingdom, they created a republic modeled after the United States.

The "Power Grab" PeriodEdit

In the early 1900s, facing a deteriorating situation with a rebellion in the south, the government was overthrown by a dictator. He was overthrown in a coup d'etat only 7 years later. By 1953, Faylan had 7 dictators from 1902 to 1953. In 1953, rebels overthrew the corrupt governments to create a confederate Oligarchy government, which lasted until 2010.


Three men took power in 1953: Ming Xiaohai, Dima Li, and Chang Po. As they were fiercely anti-communist, they immediatly made close relations with the United States. Faylanese troops were deployed to Vietnam as well as South Korea. Oil was discovered off the coast of Faylan in the 60s bringing some wealth to the country. Faylan supplied most oil to the United States, which in return gave much capital to the Faylanese. However inside the country the situation was dire. The Oligarchy hoarded much of the wealth, and the rest of the country was very poor. The country was flagged for severe abuses of human rights.

In the 80s facing accusations of human rights abuses, the United States cut off all relations and enforced a trade embargo that stood until the revolution in 2010.

The Faylan WarEdit

See also: The Faylan War

By 2010, the government was very corrupt from successful oil sales, used only by the Prime Chairmen for their own use, with no money at all reinvested. In February 2010, the government was overthrown by another group of rebels, who finally made the country a democracy. The government did all they could to fix the oil rigs and reinvest what revenue was possible, but people were still starving and considered poor by most of the world. By August, Faylan had attracted the attention of LN, more specifically Bricktainia. Bricktainia and South Mirthan sent supplies and medical care to the country, however the Neo Malikan Terrorist group attacked the Bricktainian supply ship and further invaded Faylan and took over in a matter of hours. From then, various countries declared war upon Neo-Malikan Faylan. The South Mirthan medical ship, along with Bricktainian Reconnisance forces got as many civilians off the island as possible, though roughly 400 remained and were forced into service, those who were able.

Somehow in the next week many weapons and military supplies and vehicles were sent to Faylan. These things consisted of uniforms, guns, supplies for some sort of electromagnetic pulse generator, and vehicles. Almost immediately after recieving supplies, they set up outposts all throughout the island. Forces had multiplied as more survivors were found, however LN forces started taking back the country at a steady rate. By Friday september 3rd, neo-Malikan forces sent a message to embassies requesting a cease-fire. The request was temporarily granted while negotiations took place. A long 20 days later, there was finally an overall cease-fire, ending the war. The final terms Faylan agreed to is:

-No citizen can be forced into serving

-100% of all income to the Faylan Government must go be reinvested, like schools, roads, hospitals, etc.

-Only limited armed forces to 5,000 and ust join the LN

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